No “cake de bodas para gays” in Cuba

Can you imagine President Bush reaching out to a regime that treated “gays” like second class citizens?

At the very least, we would hear expressions of outrage.

Remember the left’s outrage over Pinochet in Chile?   They claimed violations of human rights and zero tolerance for lifestyle choices.  or Franco in Spain?

Where is their outrage about Cuba?   Or the way that “gays” have been treated in Cuba for years.

Has anyone told Governor Cuomo that he is about to do business with a country like this?

This is from Liz Mair:

“Cuba’s record on LGBT rights has improved over the years.

However, it was so dismal to start with that this can hardly be surprising.

Shortly after seizing power, the Castro regime sent tens of thousands of gay men to labor camps.

It later forced HIV-positive people and those with AIDS into facilities in which they were separated against their will from the public-at-large.

Even after these worst abuses fell by the wayside, LGBT individuals as well as LGBT advocates in Cuba have faced ongoing harassment from government authorities in the form of detention, arrest, and physical assault.

Cuba also initially opposed, then abstained from voting on, a 2010 UN proposal to treat “sexual orientation” as an especially objectionable motive for murder—a position it is hard to believe Cuomo would endorse.

Say what you will about Indiana’s legislators and governor, but it does not appear that they sanction cops targeting LGBT Hoosiers or their allies in downtown Indianapolis for beatings.

It appears that the Cuban regime does, or at least has failed to put a stop to behavior on the part of public authorities that members of Cuba’s LGBT population feel have left them “very isolated.”

A 2013 report by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association indicates that in Cuba, not only can people refuse to bake cakes for gay couples if they so desire, there is also no “constitutional prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

Only very recently did Cuba ban discrimination in employment against gays and lesbians.

Furthermore, in Cuba, same-sex couples enjoy none of the rights of marriage, let alone the ability to marry. Moreover, joint adoption is not an option for gay couples on the island.

Gay couples in Cuba also lack the option of civil unions, domestic partnerships and similar arrangements.”

So where is the outrage from the left wing of the Democrat Party that wanted to shut down travel to Indiana?

Of course, the left has never been consistent about human rights in Cuba.   It appears that the only thing that matters to the left about the Castro regime is that their so called “free health care” provides free abortion.

Where is the intellectual honesty of the left?    Or am I asking too much?

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