How would Alvarez Guedes say ‘go woke, go broke’?

As a Cuban who grew up with all of those Alvarez Guedes LPs that kept us laughing in Wisconsin, I always ask one simple question: What word would Don Guillermo Alvarez Guedes of Unión de Reyes, Matanzas, say about this? How would he explain it? What adjective would he use to explain this story?

As Victoria’s Secret goes woke, so go the bad fortune of its shareholders. This is the story:  

Victoria’s Secret brand CEO Amy Hauk announced that she will be leaving the lingerie giant after a brief stint at the company. 

“Amy Hauk will be stepping down as CEO of Victoria’s Secret and PINK in order to spend more time with her family in Florida,” the company said in a statement to Fox News Digital.  

The once-loved brand has had a tumultuous few years with an attempted rebranding that implemented “woke” policies like removing the iconic “Angels” models as well as the yearly fashion show.

In 2020, Victoria’s Secret announced that it would permanently close around 250 stores in the U.S. and Canada after considerable profit loss.

We wish Ms. Hauk a lot of fun with her family.  Maybe she should take a little time to reread some of those business books about listening to and knowing your customers.   

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