Antonio Rodiles: “The time for our fundamental rights has come”

Antonia Rodiles of Estado de Sats, continues fighting for the God-given human rights of the Cuban people.

Capitol Hill Cubans:


Rodiles: We Must Accept Nothing Less Than Fundamental Freedoms
at 9:21 AM Thursday, October 30, 2014
Excerpt by Cuban democracy leader and head of the independent think-tank, Estado de Sats, Antonio Rodiles:

The temptations of some political actors to enter into a political dialogue with the regime and defend a quasi-unconditional reconciliation can be many. Some dissidents, like [Catholic activist] Dagoberto Valdes, defend this thesis. Yet, it’s important to note that without a broad social base to exercise sustained pressure against the old elite and its allies, it would be very difficult to advance in the direction of political changes. Venezuela, where the Cuban regime has already shown its cards, is a good example. They used those who decided to dialogue in order to silence and weaken the student movement and — once that movement was under their control — they ended the supposed dialogue as well.

The Cuban situation can become even more complicated. Missteps would create conditions that would place us on the path to becoming a failed state, whereby in addition to our current economic and social disaster under iron-fisted political control, we would have high levels of insecurity and the establishment of criminal organizations. The embargo, like every other international sanction, should be a tool to pressure the regime to accept the substantive measures necessary to prevent the tragic experiences that many former Communist republics encountered on this journey. Why repeat the same mistakes?

We are faced with a regime on a regressive count, but with the ability to transmute. It’s not the time to grant anything to oppressors who treat their citizens with such disdain. The time for our fundamental rights has come — a simple and powerful idea, which should not be overshadowed by any other argument or supposed strategy. We are weary of those who would be satisfied by less or who wish to “dialogue” for less. Politically, the door should not be closed, but neither opened to the point where we become a loyal opposition.

That every Cuban, inside and outside the island, can fully exercise their fundamental rights. That we obtain a firm commitment with respect to our freedoms by ratifying and implementing the U.N.’s human rights conventions. Only then would we be talking about real reforms.

#Cuba #SOS Opposition leaders Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez” & Yris Pérez Aguilera violently arrested


The Castro dictatorship continues violating the human rights of its citizens, and its policy of violence and intimidation against peaceful dissidents.

From The Directorio, (my transalation)

Placetas, Cuba, 11 de June de 2014. Directorio Democrático Cubano. In early hours this morning, 11 de June de 2014, the opposition leaders Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antunez” and his wife Yris Pérez Aguilera, both of the Frente Nacional de Resistencia Cívica Orlando Zapata Tamayo, were arrested with violence and their house was raided in the city de Placetas, Villa Clara province.

Continue reading the Directorio press release in Spanish.

Cuba: Dr. Oscar Biscet brutally beaten, arrested – Updated


Dr. Oscar Biscet, physician, winner of numerous human rights awards, including the 2008 Presidential Medal of Freedom, was arrested and brutally beaten earlier today.

Just in on Twitter, from Dr. Biscet’s wife Elsa Morejon:

Translation: OscarBiscet was brutally beaten by the political police when they arrested him, I do not know where he is.

Update, good news:

@ElsaMorejon Thanks to God and supportive friends, my husband @OscarBiscet just called from the Infanta Street, says he is on his way home.

Cuban opposition leader Jorge Luis Garcia “Antunez” arrested, whereabouts unknown

While Alfy and other morally compromised individuals are busy making deals with the murderous Castro regime, in Cuba, those who disagree and dare to stand up for their human rights suffer violent repression and arrest.

Jorge Luis Garcia “Antunez” along with family members were arrested Wednesday. His whereabouts is unknown at this time.

Various posts Twitter:

Tourist response to info about human rights in Cuba: “Please don’t talk to me anymore.”

I received this question from Klout, asking me to respond to an inquiry from a reader whom I assumed was planning a visit to Cuba.

What are some things to do in Cuba?

My response:

I don’t know why you’re visiting Cuba, an island suffering from 54 years of rule by a ruthless dictatorship that uses force to control every aspect of citizen’s lives. I don’t know if you’re staying in an exclusive resort, or traveling around the island, but in either case keep in mind that the hotel you stay in, the restaurant you eat in, the tour guide assigned to you, the entertainers you enjoy, are all employed by the state, and these are the best jobs on the island where the average wage is $20 a month. Not enough to cover the basic necessities. So tip generously, and leave gifts of soap, and other essentials if you have the means to do so. In addition, please keep in mind that all the people who are serving you, must stay in the good graces of the dictator in order to keep their jobs and survive. Dissent and opposition to the government is against the law, there are no guaranteed human rights or the rule of law, as we understand them in Cuba. Just in the month of November this year, there were over 700 political arrests of peaceful dissidents, in some cases they were beaten, and their children were threatened with rape and physical harm. This is how dictator maintains power.

You can make a difference by choosing to educate yourself, to know the facts about Cuba that you won’t learn from a tourist brochure, or from casual news.

Please watch the documentary, “Oscar’s Cuba”, on You Tube; it’s about a leading dissident in Cuba. Know that since the release of this film, he’s no longer behind prison bars, but still is still monitored, and unable to travel out of Cuba.

Also, visit a well-known blog whose purpose is to document and share the stories of the Cuba’s political prisoners, many of whom are Amnesty International Prisoners of Conscience, Uncommon Sense.

Learn about The Ladies in White and their activities.

Please read the U.S. Department of State travel advisory on Cuba that provides important information for American travelers.

COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Cuba is an authoritarian state that routinely employs repressive methods against internal dissent and monitors and responds to perceived threats to its authority. These methods include intense physical and electronic surveillance, as well as detention and interrogation of both Cuban citizens and foreign visitors. U.S. citizens visiting Cuba should be aware that any on-island activities could be subject to surveillance, and their contacts with Cuban citizens monitored closely. Human rights conditions in Cuba remain poor, as the Cuban government limits fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. The United States does not have diplomatic relations with Cuba, but Cuba generally welcomes U.S. citizen travelers and U.S. citizens are generally well received. The United States Government provides consular and other services through the U.S. Interests Section in Havana (USINT), but U.S. diplomats are not allowed to travel freely outside the capital and may be prevented from providing assistance outside Havana. USINT operates under the legal protection of the Swiss government but is not co-located with the Swiss Embassy. Read the Department of State Fact Sheet on U.S. Relations with Cuba for additional information.

Blogs to visit:
Babalu Blog
The Real Cuba
Capitol Hill Cubans
The Cuban Archive

Her response? You are not helpful. Cuba I(s) supposed to have some of the best scuba diving in the world and amazing white sand beaches for kite surfing. Please don’t talk to me anymore.

Lets flood the island with tourists, that’ll bring democracy to Cuba. Sure, sure it will.

Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” is coming to Los Angeles

It is perfect that the southern California Cuban community welcomes to Los Angeles a hero dedicated to Cuba’s freedom, Jorge Luis Garcia “Antunez”, and his wife, Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera, founder of the Rosa Parks Feminist Movement for Civil Rights, as we commemorate the revered hero of Cuba’s wars for independence, the great patriot and freedom fighter, Antonio Maceo Grajales.

Hosted by Junta Patriotica Cubana Regional California:


A meeting and press conference is scheduled for 3 p.m. Friday at El Colmao restaurant, 2328 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles.
For more information please contact Fernando Marquet:

Telephone: call 310.918.4283

Marc Masferrer and Cuba getting a seat in the UN Human Rights Council

As you may know, Cuba will now have a seat in the UN Human Rights Council:

“China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Cuba and Algeria won seats Tuesday on the U.N. Human Rights Council, riling independent human rights groups who said their election undermined the rights watchdog’s credibility.

The General Assembly elected 14 new members to the 47-seat Geneva-based council, which can shine a spotlight on rights abuses by adopting resolutions — when it chooses to do so.

It also has dozens of special monitors watching problem countries and major issues ranging from executions to drone strikes.”

This is a travesty but what else do you expect from the UN?  I can’t wait for Cuba to pass judgement on a member country that puts dissidents in jail or harasses citizens marching for freedom.    Let’s see how Cuba votes when that issue comes before the council.

Again, this is a travesty and an insult to our intelligence.

Marc Masferrer has been at the forefront of this battle.   Please check out interview with Marc.

Here is the link:


Meet agent Camilo-political police kidnapper

Add this man to your list of those deserving justice when Cuba is free.


From Translating Cuba, and in Spanish at Cubanet:

Political Police Kidnappers Identified / Leon Padrone
Posted on September 12, 2013
The political police agent known as Camilo followed the route of the P1 bus, on which the Ladies in White were traveling.

HAVANA, Cuba , September, – Recently , blogger and freelance journalist Joisy García Martínez wrote via the phone to his account on Twitter, @criolloliberal: “Raul Castro ratifies the kidnappings in Cuba, but not the [UN Human Rights] Covenants.” The fact was related to the severe repression by the political police on about 30 human rights activists who, on the first Sunday in September were to provide support to the Ladies in White, during Mass and their traditional march down 5th Avenue in the Cuban capital.

Joisy own statements as well as those of Rubén Carthy, independent journalist and former prisoner of the Group of 75, and Eduardo Diaz Fleites, witness to the event, said that on that day, at the end of the press conference with the Ladies in White, they and six other activists were arrested by the political police, when they were at the bus stop on 3rd and 20th in the Miramar neighborhood. Suddenly, they were surrounded by a large group of soldiers, most in plain clothes and supported by a caravan of several Lada cars, Suzuki motorcycles, two police cars and an 8-seat bus, intended as a cell during the kidnapping.

Several sources said that, subsequently, the entire repressive squadron under the command of the officer known as Camilo, followed the P1 bus route, on which several Ladies in White and other dissidents were traveling. All of them were arrested when they got off at different stops. The Ladies in White and other passengers who were also on the bus witnessed how agents violently forced the opponents into the vehicles.

Throughout the journey, which had its destination in a confusing area beyond Cotorro, far from the center of Havana, the cruelty of the Castro agents was clearly made evident. One of the soldiers who participated in the operation slapped the face of the young man Adrián Chirino García, a member of the Commission for Assistance to Political Prisoners and Families ( CAPPF ), who desperately asking them to open the window, as he couldn’t get any air. This officer was identified by his badge: No. 2228. The license plate of the Lada car was that driven by officer Camilo, HH122. In addition, the number of one patrol car was 529, and the badge of the driver was 00884.

This is not an isolated event, and it marks another black page in the history of the regime in terms of human rights. And it further confirms that during the presidency of Raul Castro he has maintained the method of kidnappings which, although not new the island — in the past many members of the democratic opposition have experienced it — is being reactivated as one of the main forms of repression in the present.

From Cubanet

12 September 2013

Twitter Campaign: #FreeTheCuban11Million

Poster courtesy of Cuban artist Rolando Pulido
Poster courtesy of Cuban artist Rolando Pulido

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

The Castro regime remains intent on coercing the U.S. with its “Free the Cuban 5” (spies) campaign.

But the real focus should be on having the Castro regime free the 11 million Cubans captive under its totalitarian dictatorship.

If you have agree, join the #FreeTheCuban11Million Twitter campaign.

Cuba: Dr. Biscet denied right to travel

It’s wonderful that Cubans, or at least some Cubans, are now allowed to travel. Unfortunately, who gets to enjoy that benefit is not based on human rights, but by the arbitrary criteria of what best preserves the power of a dictator. According to Dr. Oscar Biscet’s Twitter account, the Castro regime has decided that Dr. Biscet, former political prisoner, follower of Dr. Martin Luther King, a man committed to liberty and human rights for the people of Cuba, a man committed to real transition to democracy in Cuba, is not worthy of that benefit.

Dr. Oscar Biscet on Twitter:


#Cuba Mi esposa @elsamorejon viajara el sabado a Miami,10.30am. No puedo acompanarla, la dictadura me niega este derecho.

— Dr. Oscar Biscet (@OscarBiscet) March 6, 2013

Translation: #Cuba my wife @elsamorejon traveled to Miami Saturday, 10.30 am. I can not accompany, the dictatorship denies me this right.

“The Cuban nation has died, it was murdered”

Far too little attention is given to the true story of the Bay of Pigs invasion, the men who risked and sacrificed their lives in the hope of liberating their homeland, and the international repercussions of that failure. I urge you to watch this interview with Bay of Pig veterans Javier Souto and Jose Regalado.

Almost every word spoken during this hour and half plus video is memorable, inspiring, and heartbreaking.

On the executions: “We could stay here the whole day reciting names.”

On the outcome of the revolution: “The Cuban nation has died, it was murdered.”

On Castro’s international campaigns and influence: “It is amazing what the little island of Cuba… has cost the world.”

On the resistance: “The Cuban people have never stopped working against the Castro regime.”

On international reaction: “Everybody has been helping Castro.”

On island Cubans who assisted: “They had nothing to gain, everything to lose. They did it for Cuba.”

Assessing current reality: “It’s not over.”

These men are heroes; it is a privilege to listen to their words. Tissue warning.

Javier Souto & Jose Regalado – Bay of Pigs – Veteran Interviews from Momentum Miami on Vimeo.