I have now seen the mass in Latin, Spanish, English and on Facebook

It’s Easter Sunday or “El Dia de Resurreccion” as we grew up calling it.  It is the most important date of the Christian faith.  

In our early days in Wisconsin, I couldn’t understand why “Semana Santa” was so casual here compared to how solemn it was in Cuba.

Also, why did the ladies wear those beautiful hats and colorful dresses on Easter Sunday?    My mother had the best answer: “Estan cansadas de tanto frio y quieren celebrar la primavera”. I don’t know if my mother was right but her explanation made a lot of sense after spending a winter in Wisconsin!

So this is what our Easter Sunday in the month of “social distance” looked like: 

At 11 A.M., we watched the Easter Sunday Mass on our laptop.  I was reminded that I have now seen the mass in Latin, Spanish, Englisn and on Facebook.    (“Que cosa mas grande”) 

In the afternoon, my wife cooked a nice meal for our small family gathering.   

It’s not what we usually do on Easter Sunday, but we are fortunate to be healthy. 

So we made the best of a difficult situation.  As my late father would always remind me, it’d be worse in a Cuban political prison. 

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