Ros-Lehtinen Offers Solidarity, Expresses Concern For Wellbeing of Cuban Hunger Strikers

For the record, I know from personal experience that Ileana cares.  I once contacted her office over concerns for the health of an activist in Cuba; I received an immediate response, and she followed through with her promise to help.

From the good Congresswoman:


For more information: September 13, 2012

Alex Cruz, 305-668-5994

Cellular 202-225-8200

With Reports That Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello & Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez”

Weakened By Hunger Strike, Ros-Lehtinen Offers Solidarity, Expresses Concern For Their Wellbeing

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) issued the following statement after reports indicated that leading Cuban pro democracy activists Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello and Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” health was deteriorating due to their ongoing hunger strike. Both of these brave and principled freedom fighters, as well as others across the island, are on hunger strikes to protest the brutality, repression and lack of human rights under the Castro dictatorship.

Said Ros-Lehtinen, “I am very concerned over reports that both Marta Beatriz and ‘Antunez’ have suffered a sharp decline in their health because of their hunger strikes. These brave and courageous freedom fighters are willing to risk it all in order to draw attention to their desperate plight against the brutal and entrenched Castro tyranny. Yet, the world ignores their struggle and kowtows to the octogenarian despots that have misruled Cuba for more than half a century.

While I fully support the pro democracy activists in all that they do against the Castro brothers, I am worried that their health will continue to deteriorate and the cause for freedom in Cuba can ill afford anymore losses. I urge the Obama Administration and all responsible nations to stand in solidarity with these brave men and women, repeal all concessions to the regime, and condemn the ongoing brutality of the Castro family dictatorship.”


Taiwan as a model for Cuba – panel discussions from the Cuba Transition Project

Back in February, the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies’ Cuba Transition Project held some panel discussions on “Taiwan as a Model for Cuba’s Future.” It wasn’t until now that they posted video of the event, which featured the following speakers:

  • Dr. Jaime Suchlicki – Director, Institute for Cuban & Cuban-American Studies
  • Mr. Ray H.W. Mou Director General, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami
  • Pedro Roig, Esq.
  • Dr. Yuang-Kuang Kao
  • Dr. Chung-li Wu
  • Carlos Alberto Montaner
  • Dr. Jose Azel
  • Dr. Hans H. Tung
  • Dr. Yih-chyi Chuang
  • Dr. Jorge Salazar Carrillo
  • Dr. Andy Gomez
  • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen President of the Foreign Relations Committee, U.S. House of Representatives

The video of the event is available on this YouTube playlist. Click the link if you would like to pick and choose the speakers you watch.

If you’ve got a serious craving for heady panel discussions, you can just watch here. The videos should play sequentially on their own.

Today in Cuba news: Alan Gross wants ribs, a Cuban wrestler becomes a legend, Yoani remembers el maleconazo


Olympic triathlete Manny Huerta lives immigrant’s dream

He was born in Havana and speaks with a Cuban accent, but he is an American at heart and was proud to march with the U.S. team in in the opening ceremony.

American man in prison in Cuba dreams of freedom, going to Cuban baseball game, eating ribs

Bonnie Rubinstein, the sister of Cuban prisoner Alan Gross, was in Washington Monday for a weekly demonstration in front of Cuba’s equivalent of an embassy.

In an interview afterward, she said her 63-year-old brother is a Washington Redskins football fan who has grown interested in Cuban baseball because his jailors watch games.

Cuba’s Mijain Lopez repeats as Olympic champion

Lopez is the third wrestler to win multiple golds at 120 kilograms, joining Russian legend Alexandre Karelin and Alexander Koltschinkski of the former Soviet Union.


Heartbreak in Havana

The Suspicious Death of Catholic Lay Leader Oswaldo Paya and a Vibrant Young Colleague

Cuba: 18 Years After a Short-Lived Uprising (by Yoani Sanchez)

But on the morning of August 5 of that year, the Malecón became a battlefield. Around the ferry dock to Regla people were gathering, encouraged by the hijackings of several boats throughout the summer. An extended sensation of the end, of chaos, of “zero hour” was palpable in the atmosphere.


From Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: As A Dozen Former U.S. Foreign Policy Makers Endorse Document Rejecting Commercial Ties With Cuba While Castros Remain In Power, Ros-Lehtinen Congratulates Them For Putting Freedom First

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