Impeachment and a few thoughts about the economy

Some of us are old enough to remember the Clinton impeachment proceedings, from the vote in the US House to bombing Baghdad during the floor debates and then “a bus load” of Democrats going over to The White House to “celebrate” the impeachment. 

We also remember the strong US economy.  It probably saved President Clinton because Democrats were upset with his behavior but the voters back home were happy with their economies. 

We may be seeing a similar situation, as Charles Gasparino wrote over the weekend:

The 2020 election will be decided not by woke Democrats, or even Trump’s rabid support base. It will be decided by people in the middle, who are enjoying a strong economy and rising wages brought by policies that are the antithesis of the current mainstream Democratic Party orthodoxy. They may not like Trump’s comportment, but they like jobs. My guess, once the 2020 campaign starts in earnest, these voters will look at the Democrat alternatives, hold their nose and vote for Trump because it’s the economy, stupid.

Yes, I think that Charles got it right. 

Furthermore, President Clinton committed a crime and his law license was suspended back in 1998.   So far, the only “crime” that I can see is an upset election victory over Mrs. Clinton. 

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