It’s time for another article about change coming to Cuba

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Like some of you, I check social media for Cuba updates.  

This is the latest I found a.k.a as change is coming in Cuba

Cuban legal experts say they expect the government to send the National Assembly between 60 and 80 proposed laws over the next two years. They told The Associated Press that these measures, when approved, would replace laws considered outdated.

The assembly is almost sure to approve all government proposals, as it has for years.

“I expect to see big changes in Cuba with the new constitution,” said Julio Antonio Fernandez, a law professor at the University of Havana. “A new state structure, a transformed political system, led by the Communist Party, of course, but different and confronting big challenges,” he added.

One of the first changes will be in Cuba’s political system. In the next five months, the government is required to pass a new electoral law. The measure would split the duties of head of state and government between the current president and a new position of prime minister.

Also, new governors will replace the Communist Party first secretaries as the highest official in Cuba’s 15 provinces.

The Communist Party remains the only political group permitted in the country. However, the wording in the new constitution could give voters a choice among different Communist Party candidates instead of just voting “yes” or “no” for a single candidate chosen by the government.

So let me translate.   

Change is coming but The Communist Party will stay on top and going nowhere; and,

Change is coming but you will choose between two communists for office. Yes “Fidel A” vs “Fidel B”!

Change?   Not really!   Just more of the same that we’ve seen before.

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