Jake bombs with Joe

What else can you say about Jake Tapper and President Biden? Nobody cares what they have to say.  Check out the ratings:   

The first night of Jake Tapper’s stint as host of CNN Tonight, featuring an interview with President Joe Biden, drew an average of 854,000 viewers in the 9 PM ET hour, according to Nielsen numbers.

The show ended up in third place against news network rivals, including Fox News’ Hannity, which drew 2.6 million viewers, and MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Tonight, drawing 1.6 million.

CNN Tonight did beat MSNBC in the 25-54 demo in the 9 PM ET time slot, drawing an average of 211,000, versus 144,000 for MSNBC. Fox News’ Hannity averaged 323,000.

I don’t care about demo audiences and stuff like that. I care about the larger picture and what it means to our country. The bottom line for me is that no one cares what President Biden has to say and Jake Tapper is one discredited journalist. Biden plus Tapper means nobody clicked on CNN.

President Biden’s problems have been discussed at length on this site.  He is failed president who keeps making up stories, including one about his son dying in Iraq.   We honor his son’s service as we do everyone else who wore the uniform.  However, confusing that your son died in a war when he did not is an insult to any Gold Star Family.  It’s even more ridiculous when the man confused is the commander in chief.    

Jake Tapper is a lost cause.  In baseball, people like Tapper are designated for assignment or given their release.  It’s a polite way of saying to the player that his days with the team are over and it’s time to move on.  Well, Tapper once again demonstrated that he is dishonest and allowed the President to say that he does not believe that we are in a recession.  I guess that two consecutive quarters of negative growth does not apply anymore.  He failed to ask questions about Hunter Biden’s relationship with his father, not about overcoming additions but flying on the VP’s plane to do business.  He also forgot to bring up the lie about Border Patrol agents whipping migrants.

Joe Biden is a failure and CNN needs to blow up the newsroom and start again. And give Tapper his DFA papers!

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