Another Kerry Cubanism: “se tiro y no da pies”

Given the Kerry camp’s recent shake-up, I think it’s appropriate that I take this opportunity to voice my sentiments via a Cubanism.

Today’s Cubanism: Se tiro y no da pies.

Literal translation: He shot and he doesnt give feet.

Meaning: He dove in and does not touch bottom.

Usage: John Kerry used his 4 months in Vietnam as the only platform in his run for the Presidency. Se tiro y no da pies.

This Cubanism is a particular favorite among Cubans because of it’s versatility. Not only can one use it to describe an obvious foible or mistake, but it can also be used as a deterrent. For example, let’s say you are in NYC and a protester is about to pester you directly in some way. Your typical Cuban would get in the protester’s face and say:

Oye mi hermano, no te tires que no das pies.


Listen man, dont do it ’cause you dont know who you’re dealing with.