Julian Castro batting .000 with Hispanos!

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It may be a matter of time before Julian Castro does a “Beto” and concludes his campaign for president. He is apparently having a hard time surviving or raising enough money to pay the bills.

He is also having a tough time exciting “Hispanos,” as we see in this report from USA Today:

As the Democratic primaries rapidly approach, Castro continues to struggle to pull in national Latino voter support in an election cycle where Hispanic voters are expected to help pick the next president.

A poll released this week by Telemundo Noticias showed Castro in a three-way tie for fourth place among Latino voters, with only 2% support. Former Vice President Joe Biden (26%) and Sanders (18%) led the candidates among those voters.

What does it all mean?

First, name recognition matters. How many people know who Julian Castro is? Not many outside of San Antonio. He is still a stranger to most voters. I guess it does not help having a twin brother who enjoys making the front pages.

Second, maybe Julian Castro spoke too much about open borders or illegal immigrants or abortions for transgenders. On the matter of illegal immigration, Hispanics are not in favor of it.

Third, Hispanic Democrats want a candidate who can win. It’s obvious that they don’t think that Julian Castro is that man.

Am I surprised that Julian Castro is not clicking? I am not surprised at all. Maybe he would have enjoyed more success explaining how red Texas attracts business relocations and blue California does not.

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