Keeping up with DiMaggio in Sagua La Grande

In 1941, my father was 15 and spent most of his time at Colegio Jesuita in Sagua La Grande.  He was joined there by his two younger brothers and cousin Ignacio who later spent a dozen years in a Cuban political prison.  All 4 wonderful men are gone now but I can still recall hearing those stories of “Sagua”.

My father followed major league baseball by reading the Cuban newspapers and catching a few radio reports.  They would also follow the news with those newsreels between movies at the local “teatro”. 

Like many other Cubans, my father followed the DiMaggio hitting streak.  It was a big topic of conversation among the kids and teachers at “los Jesuitas” as he called the school. 

On this day in 1941, the amazing Joe DiMaggio singled in the sixth inning in the first game of a doubleheader to tie George Sisler’s A.L. consecutive-game hit record of 41 games. 

In the second game, he set the record at 42 games with a single in the seventh inning.   

What makes DiMaggio so great is that he’d play doubleheaders.  My guess is that the manager offered to give him a game off but he went out and played.

After getting # 42, his next goal was the N.L. record of 44.    As you probably know, he got to 44, 45 and finished at 56. 

As my late father used to say, “ese record no lo rompe nadie”.      It still stands 79 years later!

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