Killing Mickey by going woke 

Are you surprised at the latest bad news for Disney?  I am not.  

First, you declare war on parents by pushing the woke agenda in movies and parks.  Second, the parents react by spending their money somewhere else.    Then Mickey loses his stock value:  

Disney’s freefall comes as the company has embraced woke, far-left politics, specifically the exposure of young children to radical LGBTQ ideology. In so doing, the entertainment giant has alienated millions of customers and picked a fight with Florida GOP leaders.

Disney shares were down more than 5 percent Wednesday as investors remained skittish on streaming entertainment companies following Netflix’s disastrous first quarter results. Disney+ subscription results recently disappointed Wall Street when the company reported quarterly results in November, causing the stock to tumble.

The Mouse House also faces difficulties in Florida, where the state senate voted on Wednesday to pass a measure that would deprive Disney World in Orlando of its self-governing status.

Poor Mickey.  The crazy left killed you.  

I thought that the left got the message when parents delivered a blow to Democrats in Virginia in the last special election. Apparently, the “wokes” thought that Virginia was an aberration and the future belonged to them.  They learned nothing from Virginia, or all of those school board elections from coast to coast that left leftists in fewer positions than they started with earlier.

Now, they face the consequences of explaining their woke philosophies to the bean counters and the people who look at balance sheets for a living.   It’s not going well as we can see in business news reports.What a shame.  Disney entertained generations with wholesome humor and films like “

Old Yeller” that we grew up watching.  Honestly, didn’t you cry when Travis had to shoot Yeller?   Or “Swiss Family Robinson” surviving in some island and living in that home?

The stock or company had no trouble when they were making those films.   Now they’ve destroyed their brand name and decades of customer goodwill. Who told the geniuses running Disney that the public wanted to see LGBT-whatever values?   

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