Learning ‘los chistes americanos’ from Johnny Carson

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Many years ago, we came to Wisconsin and started our “exilio” experience.

As I remember, my father used to watch Johnny Carson every night to practice “ingles” and learn “los chistes americanos,” as he used to say. 

Like many Cubans, my father had trouble understanding the punch line. He would often look at the TV and not understand why the people were laughing. “No entiendo” he would say.

Johnny Carson was born on this day in 1925. Carson was born in Nebraska and took over The Tonight Show in the early 1960’s. He was a nightly entertainment “fix” for many of us.

My favorite two scenes were Carnac and the one about exotic animals on the set. It was great to see Carson’s face when he was holding the little animal.

He left a lot of memories, especially watching my father struggle with the punch lines! You can get those old shows on DVD.

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