Cuba as a carnival prize

I’ve previously written about the disconnect of liberal Jews supporting Israel hating, Castro loving, politicians, promoters, etc, etc, etc. I cannot understand how any Jew, in the wake of the Holocaust can ignore the barbaric cruelties of a dictator that among other atrocious acts destroyed a nation’s Jewish community, and who has supported terrorists for more than a half century. It is pathological and beyond reason. I’ve read from several pundits that that liberal Jews have abandoned God in favor of “leftism”. Whatever the reason, it is an abomination. As principle, I’m against attacking “your own”, or airing family “dirty laundry”. However, in this case, I believe the moral bankruptcy within the liberal Jewish community, and the damage it causes demands exposure and denouncement.

I stongly comdemn and denounce these shameful events:

The announcement that the director of ORG funded by Nazi collaborator is to head the ADL.

The Los Angeles Jewish Federation sponsoring “Missions” to Cuba, click here for pages of disgusting links. One can understand that that among these participants, uneducated and misguided though they may be, there are at least some who possibly have good intentions, who hold a desire to help the local, via our own Humberto Fontova, “Jewish Community. But this, when I saw this, it was the last straw. Once again, Cuba and Cuban’s offered up as spectacle, this time merely a trinket in a contest, such as a carnival prize. How fun! Sign up to win a trip to see the zoo, and pretend the inhabitants are just animals, unworthy of consideration, ignore cages of repression and suffering. Of course they don’t include that description in the promotion, no need, there’s fifty-five years of more blatant propagandist advertisement, by now, everyone knows what fun there is to be had in Cuba if you’re willing to check your humanity upon arrival.

If we hadn’t already known more than enough of mankind’s depravity, surely this willingness by the one people on this planet who must be held accountable for the words “never again” to dehumanize an oppressed other is a new low.

Win a trip to Cuba, or a “cool” GoPro camera (sic) as the prize in a Los Angeles Jewish Federation promotional contest.

Share your Federation story – win a trip to Cuba. Send a 30-second video about why you are the Federation, send a picture of yourself or share your story in words and you’ll be eligible to win a trip to Cuba with us in 2015 or a cool GoPro® camera. You are the Federation!

I feel like pounding my head against a rock…