Mexico’s Lopez-Obrador is failing

The summit is over, and it’s time to review AMLO’s “hugs not bullets” policy. It’s failing big time.  

This is the story:

According to a report from Mexico’s Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) leaked to the public by Guacamaya hacktivists, organized crime groups and cartels operating within Mexico have been directly responsible for 64,910 deaths across the country since Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) assumed the presidency in 2018, the highest number of organized crime-related deaths seen in Mexico since it began keeping track of cartel killings in 2007.

Someone did not get the “hugs” memo because the bullets keep flying! The real problem is that Presidente AMLO cannot stop the violence.  It’s out of his control because of Mexico’s fragile rule of law.  In other words, AMLO has to know that the criminal elements run the streets and will get their way.  This is why he loves to talk about the change of presidents in Peru or talk generalities with his amigos Biden and Trudeau.

It’s Chicago times one hundred!  It’s what everybody is talking about in Mexico.  

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