“Made for each other”: Cuba and North Korea

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Like that famous song (“Made for each other“), Cuba and North Korea were indeed made for each other.

We are learning more and more about that dangerous relationship between two dictators desperately surviving and looking for every possible way of putting some cash in their regime’s pockets.

This is from the article posted earlier in Babalu:

Cuba and North Korea have enjoyed diplomatic relations since 1960, the newspaper notes—the year after Fidel Castro’s bloody communist revolution stormed Havana, putting in place a repressive regime known for its mass murders by firing squad, harrowing labor camps, and support for terrorist organizations throughout the hemisphere.

North Korea’s communist regime is one of the few on the planet with a more repressive history than Cuba’s, as decades of human rights advocacy reports finding evidence of torture, public executions for “crimes” such as possessing Western entertainment media, mass starvation, and forced worship of the ruling Kim family.

Indeed, made for each other.

I would add my suspicion that it may have been North Korea behind that so-called “sonic attack” on US diplomats.

After all, Cuba and North Korea signed an intelligence- and technology-sharing agreement.    It allows North Korea access to intelligence gathered by Cuba’s vast spy network.

We remind you that such network is now operating more openly in the US since the two countries opened Embassies.

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