Is Venezuela’s Maduro like Panama’s Noriega?

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According to many, drug trafficking is Maduro’s extra source of cash and keeping him floating.  This is the report from FOX:

While there an array of factors to blame, analysts are pointing to illicit trafficking rings as a fundamental Maduro lifeline.

“The Venezuelan military forces has become a narco-criminal, armed organization. Most of the top and mid-commanders are deeply involved in corruption, drug operations, and serious human rights abuses,” Johan Obdola, president of Latin America-focused global intelligence and security firm IOSI, told Fox News, noting that cartel-led, massive drug operations continue to spawn the country keeping the top echelon well-fed and financed. 

“Small pro-regime policing agencies and military units across the nation conduct these criminal operations centered on drug trafficking, kidnapping, and robbery to survive the crisis.”

Kevin Ivers, Vice President and Latin America expert at public policy firm DCI Group, pointed out that years ago, the elite of the Venezuelan military was put in charge of the core elements of the domestic economy, such as the importation and distribution of food and consumer goods.

Makes sense to me. I’ve been hearing that for years even back to the Chavez days.  In fact, I’ve heard that this connection involves Cuba as well.

This is why I believe that a “Noriega solution” may be in Maduro’s future. In other words, the arrest of Maduro and conviction in a Florida court.

Maduro may be more likely to cut and run if he fears a military intervention that places him in a Florida jail.

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