Many Democrats doubt Biden will stick around 

May you live in interesting times, or something like that.  I feel pretty confident that whoever it was who came up with that line could not have imagined the Biden presidency.

According to a new poll, some voters don’t think Mr. Biden will be around until the end:

Such a question might have seemed a bit over the top, as Biden only entered office in January of 2021. But, after a year of record inflation and gasoline price hikes, devastating COVID lockdowns, a surge of illegal immigration, the botched departure from Afghanistan, and growing questions over the 79-year-old president’s mental fitness, a surprising number of Americans now think Biden won’t last even another two and a half years in office, according to the latest I&I/TIPP Poll.

The poll asked adults: “In your opinion, how likely is it that Joe Biden will complete his first term in office?”

Predictably, most Americans (71%) said Biden was likely to last through his four years. 

But 21%, or one in five, said it was “not likely” he would last.

Do you ever recall anything like this?  I don’t, and you probably don’t, either.  At the same time, do you recall a modern candidate who campaigned from his basement?  Or one who avoided questions at all cost?  Or one who sat down only with friendly reporters?  Or a president who always speaks to the nation when no one is watching — i.e., in the afternoon?  Or one who will not answer questions?  Or one who “gaffes” as often as President Biden?

Honestly, I hope he sticks around until the next inauguration.  I can’t wait to see the civil war that the party is about to embark on when V.P. Harris faces a challenge from Mrs. Clinton or Secretary Pete.

In the meantime, how is this playing overseas?  It can’t be good.

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