Madrid 3-11, many years later

A few hours ago, I spoke with a good Spanish friend in Dallas.  We naturally discussed the political chaos in his country.     

By the way, most Cubans of my generation have a connection to Spain because so many of our grandparents or ancestors came to the island from there.  Many of us grew up with Spanish holiday traditions and food.  As a boy, I remember pre-Castro Cuba full of Spanish merchants, such as my own grandfather and his 3 enterprising brothers. 

My friend today also remembered the day that terrorism came to Spain or when 191 people were killed and 2,000 injured.

Some call it “3-11” or “11 de Marzo”.  It happened when 10 bombs exploded in the busy morning rush hour.

Within hours, candidate Rodriguez-Zapatero of the left was running around blaming Prime Minister José María Aznar and the Spanish government’s support of the Iraq war.  Zapatero, as we known him the West, took a shot at everybody but said little about the criminal terrorists who set off the bombs.

Three days later, the left was back in power with a plurality of the vote.

Today, there are no Spanish troops in Iraq.  We can not say the same about terrorist cells in Spain!      

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