Maybe it’s the message coming out of the DNC Convention

The Democrats are having their virtual convention and few people are watching.  Sorry, but I am confused.  I thought that there was a hunger in the country to hear everything Anti-Trump.  Didn’t Senator Bernie Sanders say on the opening night that once radical views are now mainstream? 

Something went wrong because, according to the AP, people are not watching. 

So what went wrong? My impression is that the speeches were boring and so predictable. In other words, did you need to watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to know that the lady hates the country?   

Then there was that great call for abolishing the police and ICE.  Isn’t that a great a great message for the people in the inner cities devastated by riots and looting? 

This is not your dad’s Democratic Party, or so they say.  It is more true this year than ever.

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