Memo to CNN: Drop Cuomo and hire someone from The Food Network!

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We learned again that The Food Network is outdrawing CNN. This is from Tammy Bruce:

Throughout all of cable TV, during the week of April 1, Fox News grabbed the most primetime viewers with 2.3 million, MSNBC came in second with 1.6 million, and way below them, way below number one and number two, way below HGTV, the Food Network, Investigative Discovery, and the Hallmark Channel, sits the far-left CNN in 15th place, with only 745,000 primetime viewers.

I wonder what the advertisers are thinking!  I wonder if any of them has suggested to CNN’s management to do some food preparation shows.

CNN problems are easy to understand:

First, they became obsessed with the Mueller Report and invested in a negative conclusion about President Trump.  As my old journalism professor once said, “don’t write the headline before you research the story.”  Clearly, the people at CNN thought they were on “the right side of history” and bet against President Trump.

Second, they forgot to do news. It was 24/7 Trump panels rather than broadcasting news reports.  It’s supposed to be a news network, but nothing in the programming supports that.

So what happens now?  My guess is that ownership will read these ratings and make changes.  In the short run, the owners may roll back the anti-Trump nonsense.  In the long run, CNN may have a makeover and go food all day and all night.

Last, but not least, it’s sad that CNN has done this to itself. The country needs vibrant news networks that report the news as objectively as possible. I hope CNN returns to news and drops the panels.

What happens in 2020?  Too early to tell, but don’t be surprised if President Trump is re-elected and CNN is doing food shows.

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