Memories of Cuba and the day that Ruby shot Oswald

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By late 1963, we were waiting for “el telegrama” to leave Cuba.  Our resources were limited and my parents kept having their differences with the local CDR.  It was not a fun time for my parents and many other Cubans in the island.

In the middle of this, I recall President Kennedy’s assassination and then the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald.

On this day in 1963, millions of people watched Jack Ruby, a Dallas businessman, shoot Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged killer of President Kennedy. Oswald died shortly after.

It happened as the authorities were taking Oswald to another jail. It also occurred about 48 hours after the assassination of the president.

To say the least, the shooting shocked the nation. My father learned about it from the Spanish service of The Voice Of America.  I remember my father updating my mother and her shocked face said it all.

Ruby’s action also opened the door to a ton of conspiracy theories about the president’s assassination.

For the record, I believe that Oswald shot President Kennedy on his own. I came to that conclusion after reading Gerald Posner’s “Case closed” in the 1990’s.

Ruby died of cancer in 1967. As far as we know, Ruby never changed his story about why he killed Oswald. Apparently, Ruby did not want Jackie Kennedy to come to a trial. He took that explanation to his grave.

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