Mexican fans screaming ‘Pluto’ without the L

The U.S.-Mexico soccer game is a big deal south of the border. I’m not sure how big it is up here, but Mexican fans get into it and display their passions.  Over the years, Mexican fans scream a four-letter word that rhymes with Pluto and loosely translates to “male prostitute.”  It is not necessarily anti-gay, but it refers to a man who is not being a full man, sort of like a sissy.  Honestly, I’ve heard a hundred times, and it just goes in one ear and out the other.  They scream the slur at the player who isn’t performing like he should.  It’s sports passion and nothing more.

The Mexican fans were in true form a couple of days ago.  They displayed their passion, as ESPN points out:   

The United States men’s national team’s 3-0 win over Mexico in the Concacaf Nations League semifinal on Thursday was halted before the completion of second-half stoppage time by the referee amid anti-gay chanting.

Referee Ivan Barton, who had already handed out four red cards in the game, paused the game in the 89th minute because of anti-gay chanting heard from the crowd at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Play resumed, and with four minutes left to go in injury time, Barton blew the final whistle after a goal kick by U.S. goalkeeper Matt Turner was once again greeted by the anti-gay chant.   

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