Minneapolis needs regime change

Back in the summer of 1967, our family drove from Wisconsin to Minneapolis-St Paul to catch our first major league game in person. I remember reading something in the motel that Minneapolis was known as the “Mill City,” a reference to the city’s flour milling industry

Well, the museum is closed today because of COVID. It won’t be the only thing closing in that city, as we see in this local story:    

A Minneapolis manufacturing company has decided to leave the city, with the company’s owner saying he can’t trust public officials who allowed his plant to burn during the recent riots. The move will cost the city about 50 jobs. 

Yes, the local officials let his business burn and we saw it on TV. Incredibly, the irresponsible city council in Minneapolis is now calling for defunding the police. Such a move will have three immediate consequences: 

  • First, it will make it even more difficult to attract men and women to serve in these police units.   A year ago, Dallas was about 1,000 officers short of its goal.  It is worse in Baltimore
  • Second, it won’t make the city safer.  It will make blacks, hispanics and minorities living in those districts more vulnerable to crime.  Would you want your wife or mother to walk in streets without police? 
  • Third, it will drive more citizens to arm themselves.  Not surprisingly, gun sales are up and lots of women are buying them. 

What we saw in Minneapolis and now hear about “defunding the police” is local government at its most irresponsible state. What is the point of paying local taxes if the mayor will not allow the police or fire department to protect citizens or their property? What about paying state taxes so that a governor calls for a curfew and then does not back it up with troops? Many more will leave, as happened in Baltimore. 

I’m just hoping that the citizens of Minnesota remember all of this in November when they finally have a chance to settle scores with bad leadership. 

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