In this case, mother knows best

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The AOC story may be one for the ages.   We are now reading about potential campaign finance violations and stories of a millionaire chief of staff.  

Maybe someone will ask AOC if her chief of staff benefited from Trump’s tax law.   After all, we hear that all of the benefits went to the top 2%.

We also heard about AOC’s mother, who now lives in Florida:    

The mother of soak-the-rich Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she was forced to flee the Big Apple and move to Florida because the property taxes were so high.
“I was paying $10,000 a year in real estate taxes up north. I’m paying $600 a year in Florida. It’s stress-free down here,” Blanca Ocasio-Cortez told the Daily Mail from her home in Eustis, a town of less than 20,000 in central Florida north of Orlando.
The mother of two — who calls herself BOC — said she picked Eustis because a relative already lived there, and right before Christmas 2016, she paid $87,000 for an 860-square-foot home on a quiet street that dead-ends at a cemetery.

As they say, you can’t make this up!

My guess is that most Americans can sympathize with mom.   After all, Florida and other states are full of Empire State “refugees” walking around with Yankee caps.

My problem is how AOC is allowed to preach the policies that drove her own mom to get away from New York.  
In this story, mother knows best and daughter is another ignorant socialist.

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