Mr. Obama, we’re looking for the Fast & Furious files

We’ve crossed two dangerous lines in the last year. First, the FBI showed up at Mr. Trump’s home looking for files.  Second, a Special Counsel followed up with an indictment about those files.

Why hadn’t this happened before?  Maybe it’s because the people who came before us were smart enough to know that political passions go both ways.  What happens if a future GOP AG gets a search warrant to look for those Fast and Furious Files at Obama’s home?

“Good morning Mr. President Obama, where are your presidential files?”

Before Trump, no one would have dared consider that.  After Trump, anything can happen and probably will.

This is why I believe that this indictment against President Trump is going to backfire. Yes, Trump, like Biden, made mistakes. However, an indictment is over the top. This is to going to blow up in their faces.  I agree with TippInsights:

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