Mr. Trump, just enforce the embargo!


We’ve been talking about President Trump and Cuba since the campaign and specially election day.   It is Topic #1 in the Cuban American community.

Is President Trump about to undo another one of his predecessor’s bad deals? Or the one-sided deal with Cuba?

Well, it looks that way.    He may be announcing something this summer.

In reality, all that President Trump needs to do is to enforce the embargo or something that President Obama kept going around. The embargo is the law and requires certain preconditions for investment or even tourism to Cuba.

Furthermore, he can demand from the Castro regime a plan to compensate the U.S. citizens who had their property stolen, valued today at $7 billion! In fact, you can make a good case that the Cuban government has been allowing foreign companies to invest in homes or properties that were once owned by U.S. citizens. This is what many of the thousands of claims are about!

Frankly, it would not require much to change the Obama Way with Cuba. All that President Trump has to do is to remind everyone that he plans to obey and implement existing U.S. laws, or the same thing that we did from President Kennedy to President George W. Bush!

And tell Raul Castro to put Joanne Chessimard on a plane to New Jersey before we take another phone call from the Cuban government. This is the woman who killed a New Jersey trooper and has been hiding in Cuba ever since.

Enforce the embargo!

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