Mother knows best: “Mami” said that pre-Castro crickets did not attack people

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My mother moved with my sister and family since my father died two years ago.   Naturally, I call her often and we talk about this and that plus a little politics too.

We were recently discussing the “sonic attack” story, the mystery of how U.S. diplomats in Cuba were attacked by something as yet unidentified that caused severe injuries in some cases.

A few weeks ago, the Cuban government blamed it on “crickets” – a rather bizarre explanation for my Cuban mother who assured me that she never heard of crickets attacking people.

She said:   “Mucha bulla si pero atacar no”!

We understand that an investigation is underway and a conclusion is pending.  However, Cuba is running out of excuses in this case.

Something happened in Cuba, and it was ugly.

Let me repeat: I never heard from my parents, grandparents, or any other family anything about Cuban crickets targeting U.S. diplomats or anybody else.

So let’s stop blaming crickets, or ghosts, and hold the Cuban government accountable for these attacks on U.S. diplomats.

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