My mother watched Esther Williams movies in Ciego de Avila, Cuba

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Back in the early days in the US, my father worked two jobs and would often get home late in the day. 

On weekends, he worked a lot too. 

My mother, and the three of us, would spend many nights watching TV, from “Petticoat Junction” to “The fugitive” and others that many of you remember. 

I recall one evening when an Esther Williams was shown on TV.  My mother then reminded us that she watched her movies in Ciego de Avila. 

We remember Esther Williams who was born on this day in 1921 and died in 2013:  She was 91:  

“From “Bathing Beauty” in 1944 to“Jupiter’s Darling” in 1955, Ms. Williams swam in Technicolor pools, lakes, lagoons and oceans, cresting onto the list of Top 10 box-office stars in 1949 and 1950.” 

I’ve seen some of her movies at TCM and they are a joy to watch.  Esther was one beautiful woman as well.

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