Never fear, Mayorkas is here

As someone who came here with my parents years ago, I’ve always been sympathetic to people who want to live here.  But it had better be orderly and legally, otherwise it’s chaos. We learned this week that the mayors of D.C. and New York City are not thrilled with illegal immigrants.  You say, aren’t these sanctuary cities run by woke Democrats?  Yes they are, but they are now claiming a lack of resources.  Gosh, I remember when saying that got you called a racist!

Of course, the problem is that the border is wide open.  It’s chaos down there — Border Patrol staff is overburdened and exhausted.  The men and women who work on the border were not hired to manage an open border but that’s what it is. Nevertheless, we hear from Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that everything is cool, calm, and collected.  This is from Fox:   

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday claimed that the southern border “is secure” — even as Border Patrol agents are facing historic migrant numbers.

Mayorkas spoke at the Aspen Security Forum, where he was asked about the situation at the southern border — which has seen more than 200,000 migrant encounters a month in the last four months.

But, even though he acknowledged the situation is a “historic challenge,” the secretary claimed the border is “secure.”     

“Look, the border is secure,” he said. “We are working to make the border more secure. That has been a historic challenge.”

Secure?  Wonder how many Democrats believe that?  We  know that Democrats like Representative Henry Cuellar on the border don’t believe it at all. Not long ago I thought that Secretary Mayorkas was in over his head, another victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome bent on automatically reversing all the Trump policies that were actually working.   

Today, I raise my concern to level “dishonest.” Mayorkas cannot really believe what he is saying unless he is the secretary of another country without a border problem. Maybe there is another planet out there in the Milky Way where borders are open and everyone sings “Kumbaya.”

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