New presidente same Cuba

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We hear that Cuba is reforming, but please don’t tell that to the brave journalists in the island. It’s the “same old communist one-party state running a state newspaper Cuba” that we’ve known for years.

This is why I enjoyed Alberto’s post about the challenges facing independent journalists in Cuba.

By the way, I have heard the same things from other journalists in Cuba. I’ve heard similar stories from Latin American journalists who have visited the island.

Why is the communist regime continuing to act like this?

The first answer is that this is what communists do. They do not tolerate dissent or criticism.

The second answer is that we are watching the consequences of President Obama’s “one-way” opening of relations with Cuba. Unfortunately, the Obama administration demanded nothing from Cuba in exchange for putting a U.S. Embassy in Havana.

We got nothing because we asked for nothing.

The biggest loser of the Obama Cuba policy are the Cuban people. Just ask the independent journalists in the island!

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