Goodbye, New York 

Mayor Eric Adams has a big problem.  New York’s police officers want out, as we see in this report:    

According to data obtained by The New York Post, nearly 1,600 officers have left the force this year alone. That number has spiked by over 430 officers since the same time last year.      

“Unfortunately, so far, this mayor has spent more time partying than he has really cracking down on the issue at hand,” Lawler said. 

“And when you’re talking about record levels of inflation, the highest in over 40 years, when you’re talking about supply chain issues like baby formula shortages, when you’re talking about crime, it really requires a serious level of attention.”

“I had high hopes for him, but so far he’s been a big disappointment,” he continued. 

Yes, there is a lot of disappointment in New York City.  My friend told me that the mayor is the partying kind and looks great at the uptown dinners, but most residents would rather have one who cracks the whip on criminals and keeps the streets safe. By the way, it’s amazing how many friends in the Big Apple remember Rudy Giuliani so favorably.

Losing officers is bad, but the real problem is hiring new ones.  At this point, it’s hard to see where Mayor Adams will find the new recruits to serve in the force.

In the meantime, crime is out of control, New York’s AG is going after the Trump family and the January 6th committee has another meeting today. Did someone say that there is a disconnect between the political class and the people?

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