For those of you who were on the edges of your seats…

The verdict is finally in. The CDR does, in fact, back Fidel Castro.

The most revealing (i.e. hilariously expected) excerpts from Periódico 26:

Cuban Community Organizations Back Fidel’s Battle for World Peace
By Hernan Bosch

Las Tunas, Cuba, Sept 25, (P26/acn).– The members of the major Cuban community organization known as Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDRs) approved, as the first accord of their provincial meeting, their full support of Fidel Castro’s actions aimed at avoiding a world nuclear war.

CDR National Coordinator Juan Jose Rabilero called on organization leaders in Las Tunas to improve the performance of local cells and reinforce one the organization’s main tasks, which is to guarantee the security of the neighborhoods, and thus of the country.

Meanwhile, the First Cuban Communist Party secretary in Las Tunas, Teresa Amarelle, made the closing remarks of the meeting by calling on CDR members to support the main tasks undertaken by the Revolution.

I like seeing these news items from Cuban outlets every now and then. If there’s just one thing I think can be taken away from these “reports” every single time, it’s that being an oppressor in Cuba must be very, very boring.

On a related note, I also like seeing some of the banner and sidebar propaganda on these sites. Here is the gem I found next to this story.

Cuban anti-terrorism training lesson #1: The human pyramid
Cuban anti-terrorism training lesson #1: The giant pyramid

Mexico’s Deadly Drug Jihad Escalates

At this rate the only Mexicans alive on the continent will be the illegals in the USA. It’s only a matter of time before this deadly tsunami floods across our borders. Gov. Jan Brewer is prescient …

MEXICO CITY – A Mexican federal official says a witness has told police that 72 people found dead at a ranch near the U.S. border were migrants.

The official says the witness says the migrants had been kidnapped by an armed group and taken to the ranch in San Fernando, a town south of Brownsville, Texas. The witness was a migrant who managed to escape and alerted the marines who found the bodies.

The official had access to the investigation and spoke Wednesday on condition of anonymity because the was not authorized to speak publicly about the case.

And then there was this “shadows of Fallujah” episode in Mexico from over the weekend:

CUERNAVACA, Mexico — The decapitated bodies of four men were hung from a bridge Sunday in this central Mexican city besieged by fighting between two drug lords.

A gang led by kingpin Hector Beltran Leyva took responsibility for the killings in a message left with the bodies, the attorney general’s office of Morelos state said in a statement.

The beheaded and mutilated bodies were hung by their feet early Sunday from the bridge in Cuernavaca, a popular weekend getaway for Mexico City residents.

Cuernavaca has become a battleground for control of the Beltran Leyva cartel since its leader, Arturo Beltran Leyva, was killed there in a December shootout with marines. […]

Contrary to the left’s assertions, we do not hate the Mexicans. We sympathize with their plight in their highly corrupt government, almost non-existent economy, and the growingly unsafe conditions within their own country. But they need to stand up and hold their leaders feet to the fire. I don’t believe we are out of line expecting them to abide by the laws of this land, and that begins with not breaking a law by crossing our border illegally.

Pres. Calderon, heal thyself.

Update: The dead were “illegal aliens” … in Mexico (you heard right):

MEXICO CITY — A survivor has told police that 72 people found dead at a ranch near the Mexican border with Texas were migrants kidnapped by an armed group, a federal official said Wednesday.


A federal official said that man had identified himself an illegal migrant. The man said he and other migrants had been kidnapped by an armed group and taken to the ranch in San Fernando …

The official said police believe the migrants were mostly from Central America – a population that has been increasingly targeted by drug gangs who demand money from U.S.-bound foreigners or who kidnap them to claim ransoms from relatives in the United States or their home countries. […]

I repeat my recommendation to Mexico’s president.