No one is singing ‘I Love New York’ these days

As my mother would say, “la cosa esta bien jod*a en Nueva York.”

On a personal basis, a friend and their spouse just moved out of New York.  He works in the theater, and there is not much going on these days in the Big Apple.  As they told me on the phone, the place is deader than a door nail.  By the way, they also told me that you have to wait weeks to rent a moving van.  I guess a lot of people are leaving.

We learned that New York City is about to lay off 22,000 of its approximately 330,000 city employees, according to Forbes:

The Wall Street Journal reported that roughly 22,000 government workers need to be let go to close a $9 billion deficit that continues to grow.

The story goes on to say there may be more because the deficit is getting bigger.

New York heavily relies upon its bustling commerce, entertainment, and social activities to draw in and keep people. Without restaurants, concerts, museums, sporting events, and people commuting into Manhattan from the other boroughs, the city has quickly changed. Residents have fled the city. 

As people ceased commuting into New York, worked remotely, businesses shut their doors, and social activities have halted, revenues to companies have plummeted. As businesses of all sizes saw their profits evaporate, the city government received significantly less in tax collection.

Naturally, no one likes to see layoffs.  After all, these are humans, not just numbers.

Mayor Bill de Blasio will naturally blame the virus on President Trump.  He won’t blame himself or the policies that have driven people out of New York for years. It will be fun to watch how these liberal city council members deal with economic facts, the public-sector unions, and the reality that the party is over.

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