Obama and human rights in Argentina & Cuba

President Obama was in Cuba and Argentina this week.

We understand that Argentina suffered through a period of human rights abuses.   We get it and the people of that country have every right and reason to go back and investigate it.

President Obama mentioned it in a press conference.   He offered to declassify some documents about the role that the US may have played in that period.

Don’t you wish that he had been that vocal in Cuba?   Or discuss publicly the island’s human rights record and the numbers of Cubans missing or who died crossing The Florida Straits to freedom?

President Obama walked with President Macri by a monument to remember the 20,000 victims, of which 10,000 are still considered missing.

Argentina is a nation of 41 million people, or four times bigger than Cuba.   They claim 20,000 victims!

How many victims in Cuba?    executions?  political prisons?  drowning leaving in a raft?

Over the years, I’ve consistently criticized human rights abuses, whether they came from the right or the left.

For example, I applauded Mr Pinochet’s economic reforms in Chile but was critical of some of the human rights violations that came with it.

It’s a shame that President Obama did it in Argentina and not Cuba.    It makes you wonder why he went to Cuba in the first place!

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