October 14, 1962: Day 1 of The Cuban Missile Crisis

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We remember Day 1 of what would be known The Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. It turned out to be one of the most tense two weeks of the 20th century.

The Cuban Missile Crisis had several consequences:

First, it changed the perception in US politics that President Kennedy was weak.   In other words, most voters saw his performance as strong.

Second, it was the beginning of the end for Chairman Khrushchev. He was gone by the fall of 1964. The Soviets invested heavily in their military afterwards. They understood that they were inferior to the US in October of 1962.

Third, and sad for Cubans, it guaranteed Castro’s survival and the establishment of a Soviet satellite.The Soviet Union subsidized Cuba until it collapsed in 1992. 

My family was on the island at that time and my parents recall it as a very stressful period.

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