On this day in 1980: USA 4 USSR 3

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It happened on February 22, 1980 or many years ago. Nevertheless, it is still very fresh in our minds.

Who does not remember that US hockey team in the 1980 Olympics at Lake Placid, NY?

It was the first hockey game that I got really interested in. (I became a bigger fan in the 1993 when the Stars came to Dallas)

And best of all, it happened on George Washington’s birthday.

As you may remember, those were the days when the winter Olympics put a very powerful USSR team against US college kids. It was usually a mismatch because the Soviet team was composed of some of the world’s best players. The US and Canadian pro athletes were not allowed to play thus the Soviet team dominated for years.

It changed in 1980.

Beyond the action on the ice, the game came at a time when Iran was holding US hostages & the Soviets had just invaded Afghanistan. It was a moment in the Carter presidency when most Americans felt that we were being pushed around the world without consequences.

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