Orestes “Minnie” Minoso belongs in the Hall of Fame

The late Orestes Minoso is once again a candidate for The Baseball Hall of Fame.   He is one of the few players who played in the Negro Leagues and MLB.

I remember going to the stadium in Havana and watching Minoso play in Cuba in 1960-61.   He played for Marianao in the old Cuban winter league.   In the majors, Minoso was known as Minnie and played with Cleveland and Chicago White Sox.

This is the summary about Minoso from SABR.   It’s long but very good.

Minoso retired with a .298 batting average, 1,963 hits and 205 stolen bases.   He led the AL in hits in 1960 and won several stolen bases titles.

He had a great career and was an inspiration for the many Latinos that came later.   Minoso is also a great part of White Sox history.

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