Party like it’s “Octubre 1962”

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Down in Cuba, they are partying like it’s October 1962 all over again.  It’s enough to make you ask, Nikita Khrushchev, where are you?

According to an industry report, Russia and Cuba are back together, or, as the Turtles would sing, “Happy Together“:


A mixed commission made up of members of both the Russian and Cuban maritime authorities met in Havana recently.

A subsequent statement revealed that, as a result, a new master plan for Cuban ports will be drawn up covering the period up to 2030, undertaken in cooperation with both public and private state companies.

According to Russia’s Minister of Transport, Maksim Sokolov, experts in the country will study proposals from Cuba as part of a mutual cooperation agreement that exists between them.

As part of the same relationship, the commission is analysing Russian proposals to build a world maritime warning and safety system covering the entire Cuban coastline.  This would guarantee integration of various maritime communications via both satellite and radio, thereby increasing security, improving navigation, and upgrading rescue capability for those vessels in danger.

What can we say about this new friendship?

First, Putin is not looking to subsidize anyone.  Unlike Premier Khrushchev, who saw Cuba as part of the USSR empire, Putin wants to promote Russia’s business interests.  Vlad could not care less about Raúl, but he loves expanding his “intelligence” network and placing an antenna 90 miles from the U.S.  Remember that they used to have a base in Lourdes.

Second, this new relationship with Russia also shows that Raúl Castro is desperate.  Wouldn’t Raúl Castro rather do this deal with a Western country that does not want to reopen an antenna in Cuba?  My guess is yes, but no one wants to extend loans that never get repaid.

So the Russians are coming, and it’s not a remake of the old movie.

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