Peru to Mexico: It’s none of your business

As you may remember, Peru has a new president.  A few days ago, President Pedro Castillo was impeached and arrested and VP Dina Boluarte moved up to the presidency. It was orderly but dramatic.

Up in Mexico, President Andres Lopez-Obrador, a man who thinks that he has to stick his nose in everything, told Marcelo Embrard, Mexican Foreign Secretary, to have his ambassador in Lima visit with the disgraced president and discuss political asylum in Mexico.  Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

To say the least, Peru did not like it at all, as you can see in this news story:    

Rejecting statements of Mexican authorities, Peru’s Foreign Ministry has summoned Mexican ambassador Pablo Monroy over statements that run along the lines of interference in internal affairs. 

“The expressions of the Mexican authorities constitute an interference in the internal affairs of Peru, and are not consistent with the events that have occurred in recent days,” the foreign ministry said on Friday, adding that it has summoned Mexican Ambassador to Peru, Pablo Monroy.

“Rejecting statements” is diplomatic for none of your business, Mexico!  The problem here is that former President Castillo was an ally of the Mexican leader, known as AMLO.  I guess he took this personally and decided to stick his nose into a local matter.  Over the years, Mexico has always been critical of those who “meddle” in other country’s affairs.  Furthermore, President Lopez-Obrador thinks of himself as the leader of Latin America, a self-appointed position that says more about his ego than his popularity.

Will the disgraced Peruvian President get a warm greeting in Mexico soon?  I don’t think so, because Lopez-Obrador has a big black eye today.

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