Plug in your old fax machine

About 25 years ago, a late friend of mine started a very successful information service about U.S.-Mexico trade.  He did it by faxing his subscribers a newsletter every Monday morning.  It was like getting American Thinker in your fax machine, photos included.  My friend even managed to find a few sponsors and get contributors to submit articles.

Today, our ability to share information is under attack by Big Tech companies who have a political agenda.  Over at Twitter, they ban President Trump, but the Ayatollah is OK, as Senator Graham posted. Does that make any sense?  

I agree with our friend Monica Showalter that Twitter may be “cutting its throat” by driving away so much traffic.  After all, the people paying for ads want clicks, not virtue signaling.  Like the NBA, Twitter thinks that we are stupid and can’t live without them.

Twitter is no longer hiding its intentions, as David Marcus pointed out:   

For all its talk about safety, community, and the health of discourse, we see today that Twitter acts in favor of one interest and one interest alone: its own, even when it means destabilizing the American people. On Friday, the company permanently banned Trump from its platform and began a purge of conservative voices.

They claim this is needed to protect America from a coup. That is a farcical lie. They did it because their political enemies such as Trump and Sen. Josh Hawley are now out of power, and they mean to keep it way.

My guess is Big Tech thinks they can destroy us by killing our communication avenues. So let’s fight back. We can still communicate with each other and get around the ban by dusting off that old fax machine in our closet. Maybe my fax idea is not workable any more.  So I challenge our side to look for alternatives and not give in to the censorship crowd.

We are not dead.  We’ve got ingenuity and they got Biden!

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