Obama: This is for you Mr Papa

Why is anyone surprised?   President Obama will welcome Pope Francis with a rather interesting receiving line:    an activist of the transgender movement, a gay Episcopal bishop, and a nun at odds with the church’s position on abortion and euthanasia.

Just curious:  how can that nun still be a nun?   Where is Mother Superior when we really need her?

As my mother said this morning of President Obama’s invitations:    Coño!

On one hand, this is utterly disrespectful and in your face.    It’s childish, too.

On the other hand, it really shows where Obama’s heart is.     My friend Ed Morrissey wrote this:

“When the Saudis visited the White House this month, did Obama invite women’s-rights activists to dinner with them? Did Obama invite Ayaan Hirsi Ali to discuss the need for reform in Islam? No? Which entity has more need for openness, inclusiveness, and tolerance?”

We know what side Obama is on.   He is certainly not on the side of respecting other religions or our Judeo Christian heritage.