Pope Francis: This one is more urgent than climate change!

As a cradle Catholic, I am furious with some of the leaders of our church.

I love the Catholic faith. I am a believer, as they say.

My church stands for life, family, and traditional marriage. We help the poor every day. We do wonderful things that make me proud of our parishes.

I remember my father’s cousin, who spent 14 years in a Cuban political prison, share stories of priests who traded places with others so that a married man with a family would not be executed. Many priests stood up to communism in Cuba and some were thrown in jail or executed.

What about Pedro Pan, or the program that brought thousands of kids to the US?

Once again, we are talking about men who abused children rather than the aforementioned heroes or deeds.

How was this behavior allowed to happen? The answer is “the cover-up” — how men in our church said nothing.

Shame on the men who remained quiet concerning this barbaric treatment of children. We put these children in the hands of priests, and they do this?

Subsequently, Pope Francis must make this an urgent priority and let “the law”, not the Vatican, deal with these men. They are criminals and child abusers. They deserve to be punished by the state.

A few years ago, many of my friends left the Catholic Church because of the cover-up. My guess is that more will leave now.

So we pray that Pope Francis understands how serious this problem is.  It’s bigger than climate change!

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