President Trump: Trade Raul Castro for the embargo


Down in Florida, there is a lot of talk about indicting Raúl Castro. Here is the story.

On the surface, it sounds like a good political tactic in an election year down in Florida. In reality, there is a lot of merit to the indictment.

Everything points to Raúl Castro, #2 at the time, as the man who made the decision to shoot down the unarmed aircrafts. It’s hard to believe that such a decision would have been made by anybody else in the chain of command. In other words, it was Raul Castro who ordered the shooting of 4 Cuban Americans.

Yes, the same Raúl Castro whom President Obama did the wave with at a baseball game.

President Trump should support the indictment and call on Diaz-Canel to make a deal: You send us Raul Castro and we will drop the embargo immediately.

It sounds crazy but remember that the Cuban economy is getting worse by the minute.

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