Ralphie’s mom must have been part-Cuban

It’s Navidad and time to watch some of those movie classics, from “It’s a wonderful life” to “The Christmas Story.

Mrs. Parker of “The Christmas Story“, played by Melinda Dillon, reminds me so much my mother growing up.  I’m convinced that she is part-Cuban.

We grew up between a very tropical Cuba and the snows of Wisconsin.

After all, didn’t your mother break up a fight between you and one of the neighborhood kids?  Our mom broke up a few, specially the ones between my brother and I.

Who remembers getting an earful after saying one of those bad words or “te voy a lavar esa boca”!

In our case, it was actually lots of good old fashioned Catholic guilt!

Didn’t your mom warn you about shooting your eyes out? What boy didn’t want to have a rifle?

Every year, “The Christmas Story” is a holiday feature. I enjoy it a lot! The Chinese restaurant ending is great!

And I am convinced that Mrs. Parker was really “una mama cubana”!

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