Remember when Bernie thought that illegal immigrants threatened US workers?

Once upon a time, or when Bernie and Hillary were not pandering for minority voters, they had very different views about immigration and other issues.

My friend Israel Ortega went into the closet of memories and found some beauties for you to contemplate:

As recently as last summer, Sanders told Vox’s Ezra Klein that the idea of open borders was a “Koch Brothers proposal.” Sanders has also said that immigrants are taking away jobs from Americans and suppressing wages.

And Senator Sanders voted against the 2007 immigration reform bill, the Kennedy-McCain bill that the labor unions told him to oppose.

Who knew that Sanders had an inner Trump?

Today, Bernie Sanders is pathetically pandering for blacks and Hispanic votes. He needs them to secure his political ambitions. I just hope that the Spanish media reminds its readers and viewers of a time when Sanders said very different things.

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