Remember when Cuba did not have a “baby” problem?

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Once upon a time, Cuban men and women got married and had lots of babies.   I recall growing up with lots of cousins, uncles and aunts.   It was Cuba or the place that we remember growing up in!

Suddenly, the Raul Castro regime is telling Cubans to go to the “love motels” and reproduce:

Let’s begin in Cuba, where federally run “love motels” (i.e., affordable rooms for fornicating) have sprung up throughout the state due to the fact that public sex in public parks is getting out of hand. The country’s continued housing crisis means multiple generations sleep under the same roof, while divorced duos can’t afford to not continue living together.
The un-Hemingway-sounding “Provincial Housing Company of Havana” told it’s official trade union weekly: “To think about how to diversify options for love is not farfetched, we want to revive this service that is in high demand, has a big social impact and without a doubt is very profitable.”
This is all due to the fact that, by 2025, Cuba’s population is projected to decrease by some 1 million residents thanks to low fertility and birth rates.

As the article points out, many other countries have seen a decline in birth rates.      However, Cuba has additional problems.

Cubans have a housing problem.   This is on top of massive shortages, from baby milk to diapers.

Furthermore, as we noted a couple of years ago, young Cubans have an abundance of love but don’t want babies!

Last, but not least, there is “the free abortion” problem:

Cuba, which has unrestricted access to legal abortion, has an abortion rate of 58.6 per 1000 pregnancies in 1996 compared to a Caribbean average of 35, a Latin American average of 27 (the latter mostly illegally performed), and a European average of 48. Additionally, contraceptive use is estimated at 79% (in the upper third of countries in the Western Hemisphere).

The whole thing speaks volumes about what young Cubans think of their country and the morally corrupt regime that runs it.

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