Remembering one sad January 1st in Cuba

It’s another January 1st and a time to celebrate a new year but also remember one very sad day in 1959.

No one understood that morning what it all meant. We certainly had no idea that a communist dictatorship was coming.  At least, my parents did not.

Within months, Cuba began to change: mass executions, mock trials, political prisons, attacks on the press and the radicalization of the regime. 

Elections never came and Castro quickly started to blame the US to distract Cubans from all his broken promises.

We eventually moved to the US and this is now my adopted country.  I am a very proud citizen of the US. Our 3 sons were born here and the youngest served in the US Army. We are very proud of his service!

No one saw this coming that morning of 1959. My parents were actually optimistic in those early days, but like so many others, that changed and they left the country.

We were the fortunate ones who got to grow up in the US.  Some were not so unfortunate.  They had to stay in Cuba or saw their fathers executed or spend time in a political prison.

A sad anniversary for Cubans, and for truth and freedom. 

It turned out to be a terrible morning for the people of Cuba.

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