1961: Remembering the day that they started to build The Berlin Wall

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This is a story that will make no sense to “under 30” readers. It’s a shame that so many have forgotten about The Berlin Wall, its meaning and how many perished trying to escape communism.

East Germany began constructing The Berlin Wall on a day like this in 1961:

“In an effort to stem the tide of refugees attempting to leave East Berlin, the communist government of East Germany begins building the Berlin Wall to divide East and West Berlin. Construction of the wall caused a short-term crisis in U.S.-Soviet bloc relations, and the wall itself came to symbolize the Cold War.”

The Berlin Wall was a symbol between freedom and communism. It eventually came down with the collapse of communism. All of us remember watching the “wall” coming down in late 1989. We can thank the US for standing tough and the thousands who knew that there was a better life (i.e. freedom) on the other side of the wall.

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