President Nixon: A great friend of freedom for Cuba died on April 22, 1994



In 1959, Fidel Castro visited the US and met VP Nixon.

And VP Nixon reacted this way:  Castro was “either incredibly naive about communism or under communist discipline-my guess is the former.

It didn’t take long for VP Nixon to realize that there was a huge problem in Cuba.   And he persuaded President Eisenhower to plan the Bay of Pigs operation.   My good guess is that The Bay of Pigs would have turned out a lot different if VP Nixon had won the very contested election of 1960.

Obviously, there was more to Mr Nixon than meeting with Castro.   He was the 37th president of the US and a very accomplished author.   His book “Leaders” should be read by young people.   “No more Vietnams” is one of my favorite books about the tragedy of that war.

We remember President Nixon today.   He died 22 years ago.   This is my post about Mr. Nixon.